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Do you have an idea for a great story? Have you written a children's story and don't know what your next steps to publish should be? Maybe you just have an idea and don't know how to get started? If your question is "how do I get published" and you're interested in self-publishing, then I'm here to help you meet your publishing goals.

Since 2008, I've been consulting aspiring authors on the self-publishing process -- saving them money and time by taking advantage of the tips, tricks, and lessons learned by my fellow small independent publishers and myself. I've conducted workshops, mentored many authors to their publishing victories, and published 2 authors through my company. I believe in providing quality books that stand up and hold their own next to any traditional publishing house book.

If you're ready to live that #PublishedAuthorLife, then check out the packages below and tell me how I can assist you.


Blessings, Lori

Author, Monique McDowell

Lori went above and beyond to tell me how to publish my first book, Bruised Kisses. She's a jewel!

Author, Dr. Courtney Davis

Lori guided me to publish my book, A is for Anacostia from idea to final product. She made the process easy to understand and it felt like I had a partner through the entire adventure.


Package #1

I Only Need Consultation

Let me help you take the stress out of your book publishing experience. There's no need to feel overwhelmed or to reinvent the wheel. Let me show you how I did it! Get 8 hours of 1 on 1 coaching via phone to discuss your project's specific publishing options. We'll cover editing, cover art, illustrations, pricing, printing, distribution, marketing, and more. I'll walk you through the process and offer suggestions for your project based on my experience and my knowledge of the book industry.


COST: $499        VALUE: $1200

Package #2

Please Publish My Book For Me

Don't have the time or the desire to go through the publishing process alone? No problem! I'll take your manuscript and turn it into a published book ready for retail. Together, with you approving each step of the process, I will move your book project forward from start to finish; copyright registration, ISBN assignment, editing, illustrations, cover art, internal page layout, pricing, and print pre-flight files. I will also go over printing and distribution options with you. You retain all rights (100%) to your book.

COST: $3299 and up        VALUE: $5000+

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